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Disagree with information on this site (Blogs, articles, podcasts, videos)?

If you disagree with any information on this site, written by any author/producer– or if you’d like to add more, don’t just protest– write a response!

Here’s how…

  1. Send an email to (or go to “Contact Me” on the navigation bar).
  2. Indicate the content to which you’ll be responding (i.e. the title of the article, podcast, or video and the name of the author)
  3. Write a proposal (or finished blog) explaining the following: a.) the other person’s point of view; b.) your area of disagreement; c.) your own opinion.

Submission Guidelines

  • Please keep articles to 800 words or fewer
  • Include your name and a brief bio in the email
  • Include an author photo (optional)

Article Guidelines

  • You must “Steelman” the opposing point of view. (To steelman means to summarize an opposing argument in its most distinguished and charitable form).
  • You may NOT use ad hominems (personal attacks)– you may criticize ideas, but not people.
  • That’s it! As long as you follow the guidelines, I will publish your article on the site and send you a link when published.

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