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I wrote the book Outgrowing Addiction with Dr. Stanton Peele

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The Life Process Program

The Life Process Program


I work for The Life Process Program — an affordable online (non-12-step) program for people who want to beat addiction problems– or whose loved ones want to get to the other side of addiction.

The program offers a range of sensible therapeutic options for people who want to make sense of their problems and live a fuller, more productive life.

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If you’re interested in the program but want to learn more before committing, you may sign up for a free confidential 20-minute consultation with certified addiction coach.


The Social Exchange Podcast


I produce The Social Exchange with Aaron Ferguson. The show explores three major topics:

Social Science

We conduct one hour interviews with professionals and some of the world’s leading experts in their respective fields and publish two to three interviews per month.

Our Mission
To explore social problems and collaborative solutions through rigorous and honest dialectic.

Our Philosophy
An excellent society obviously requires excellent communication. This means that we must:
      –  Understand that we are all fallible
      –  Engage with people whose views contradict our own
      –  Revise our beliefs amid sufficient evidence 
      –  Embrace uncertainty, rather than run from it. 

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The LPP Podcast is a monthly show brought to you by Dr. Stanton Peele and me (Stanton is a psychologist and author and is is the creator of the Life Process Program).

During each episode, Stanton and I answer questions and provide practical clinical advice for those who wish to outsmart their addiction problems and move forward with their lives, as practiced in the Life Process Program.